Wednesday, November 28, 2007


OMG it's finally Wednesday! What a wonderful gift that we have PR right smack in the middle of the week... really breaks up the monotony. Here are my predictions, thoughts and hopes for tonight:

Carmen: Listen, my first impression of you was that you were really cool and intimidating. However, you have proven to be less cool, and more blah than I hoped. Based on your bio and interview, I think you must have something cool up your sleeve... PLEASE bring it this week with something fierce. You're IN.

Chris: You are so sweet and nice. Maybe too nice? I appreciate a person who finds it hard to be mean (I'm the same way in real life), but I hope you're still looking out for numero uno. This is a competition for you as well. You're IN.

Christian: your attitude is actually hilarious and you've got some of the best quotes so far this season. I mean, the way you brush aside Tim's concerns about your outfits with a casual, "I think I'm fine" is a true study in self esteem. Keep on doing what you do, but just don't come cryin' to me when you get auf'd for not listening. You'll be IN for at least one more week.

Elisa: this week I hope to see something that's not poly-morphic. Can you do that for me? Not sure. You might be ouwt.

Jack: I know there are still a ton of designers left, so it's hard to get camera time, but let's see more of you this week, dahling. You're IN.

Jillian: I still don't like you. And I like you even less because I agree with Marthe that you are like a stealth airplane - laying low until at least two of my fav designers get auf'd. I will give you props for wearing a hat or headband or whatever that was on your head last week and covering up that 1997 mop you have on your head. I'm sure you'll be invisibly IN.

Kevin: I think I may like you mostly for your smile and your (blue?) eyes. I'm predicting you'll be IN this week. Yawn.

Kit: You're growing on me, I'll have to say. In your into interviews I wasn't really into the whole, "I'm cute like Debbie Harry" thing. But you've done well for yourself. You'll be IN.

Rami: Meh. you're good. You know you're good, but you just say it with your eyes instead of with your mouth like Christian. Just as annoying, in my opinion! I will eat Ricky's hat if you aren't IN tonight.

Ricky: Speaking of you and your hats... what the eff? Honestly, it's been bothering me all season. Are you a railroad conductor? A cop? A stripper-cop? I don't get it. With all the crying you've been doing, you may be auf tonight.

Steven: I liked that suit you made in Ep1 and I like you red-headed model. I think you'll have to really prove you've got something to avoid being in the bottom 2 this week. Wash that raggedy Marion out of your hair and bring on the glam or else you'll be ouwt!

Sweet P: So far you really have been "sweet" but Mean P is bound to come out soon. Love it. You're IN.

Victorya: You know you're the shizz. IN and WINNER (again)!

See you bitches on the runway.

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Anonymous said...

i think carmen should def be auwt. that whole thing in the first episode about people "not knowing anything about fashion" unless they had modeled (like her) was very off putting. i believe that the majority of designers have never modeled. it might give her a different viewpoint but doesn't make her any better than non-model designers. also the crying on the runway because judges asked her to say who should be out. it's a reality tv competition! she should have amped up the drama and just said "definitely christian"... much better than crying