Monday, November 19, 2007

Bloggers, this also is a competition for us as well.

My two favorite things to watch, reflect upon and subsequently discuss are project runway and professional football. Every fall I want to join a fantasy football league, but it always seems complicated...and fyi those things cost money, how rude. So imagine my excitement when I found out you could play fantasy project runway online FOR FREE!! Obviously, I signed up and informed Maud & Marthe tout de suite.

Well, I must confess, Team DanielVosovicShouldveWon did NOT fare well in week one. I mean, I picked Simone...ouch. So now that I am in 2618th place (out of 2619? probs.), I've decided to go back to the design table and make it work. This time, I took a good hard look at the scoring system. Originally I assumed that points were based purely on design success, mais non! Making it work does not always make you score. Voila:

Winning a Challenge: 6 Points
Verbal Fight (w/ another Designer): 4 Points

Crying: 3 Points're not supposed to pick the most talented're supposed to pick the most talented drama queen?! Welcome to the team, Christian! Let's hope that with this knowledge we all fare a lot better in week deux.

Other project runway-ness from this weekend:
Heidi has been fugged. She is all over gofugyourself in this heinous glittery number I don't even want to discuss. I would include a pic, but this blog is not a venue for butt-cleavage. Also, Jack and I are out of love. I just saw this pic of him with enormous awful tattoos on his elbows - ugh! Why, Jack, why? I haaaate giant tattoos in the first place, but on his elbows? What is that? Yuck. Anyway, I think we should just be friends now. I'm sad, but it's probably for the best since, ya know, he's pretty gay.

And with that, I shall leave you with a lovely 60 second recap of episode one...Enjoy!


martha said...

Seriously what is going on with Jack in that picture.

The Modern Gal said...

Tell me where this delightful-sounding fantasy PR competition is!

Hélène du Blonde said...

actually, there are DEUX:


Beth said...

Love Jack - by far the hottest with or without tattoos. Very talented as well - my sorority is TEAM JACK.

sam said...

who is jack?